Back to Business Mondays

Getting Down to Businesses

We have partnered with our Blue Water Area Chamber to bring you Back to Business Mondays. This is were we interview Chamber members and allow them to tell their stories.

Tune in every Monday and at 8pm on Facebook Live for the businesses around you

Ruboo Boutique
Mad Hatter Entertainment
Red Kettle Coffee Roasters, Inc.
Hantoon’s MUNNY
Port Huron Museums
Join us with Country Style Market Place
Big Boy of Fort Gratiot
Take a look at the new renovations at the Big Boy in Fort Gratiot with Bob McCormick.
Storage of America
Storage of America
Chef Shells
The story behind Chef Shells downtown Port Huron with Michele Hayre
Fort Gratiot Township
Fort Gratiot Township – Sharon Wilton
A story of near life ending addiction… to recovery… to the making of… Blue Water Recovery & Outreach Center 

Blue Water Chamber

Blue Water Area Chamber

About Us

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Give us a call toll free at (833) Mad Hatter, that’s (833)623-4288. Texting is also available for this number.

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